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Replacement Batteries

CTC offer a wide range of colourful and varied electronic cigarette batteries to suit all needs. Whether its for your clearomizer or cartomiser, you should find the right battery you require at great prices.

There are several types of e-cigarette batteries on the market,

"Cigalike" e-cig battery - This is what is referred to as "1st generation" e -cigarettes. These look like a normal cigarette and light up at the tip, much like a real cigarette does.

"eGo" e-cigarette - These are the batteries typically found on e-liquid filled tank kits.

"Variable voltage" e-cig battery - These are the e-cigarette batteries in which the voltage of your e-cig can be adjusted to improve your vaping experience.

"Mod" e-cig battery - These are the batteries used on Mod e-cigs.