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About Us

Started in 1981 CTC began life as the Camel Trading Company from premises near West Camel which gave rise to the name and the blue camel logo that can be seen on the sides of our delivery fleet.

Initially supplying nearby retailers with a small range of imported lines suitable for convenience stores and garage forecourts, the Company's growth and expanding range of products in the mid 1980's led to a move to Exeter and larger premises.

A subsequent move to even larger premises where we are today has meant that our product offering now covers car care, e-cigarettes, soft drinks, snack foods and confectionary, batteries, seasonal volume lines and regional products.

We have a dedicated field sales team of 7 Business Development Managers led by a New Business and Sales Training Manager who make regular visits to customers to offer advice, support and a merchandising service. The Sales Team are also supported by our Tele-sales service who contact customers on a pre-arranged basis. Deliveries are made on our modern fleet of Mercedes Benz trucks or by carrier to customers beyond the delivery range of our own vehicles.

We are proud of the service we offer and to be able to work with the brand leader for the benefit of our customers.


Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Number: XZAW00000106550